do not trust CBFO Softball


Title. DO NOT TRUST CBFO SOFTBALL. . . To those of you who live in the West Knoxville area and are considering letting your daughters sign up with Don Hutcheson and CBFO Softball, I highly recommend that you take the time to see what else is available in the area.  While CBFO appears to provide a nice field, a generally great bunch of parents and kids, and even some quality softball, in the opinion of this author (as well as others who have coached and played in CBFO), those who run the program have done some pretty unethical things.  They include, but are not limited to the following:
1.  Told coaches they could no longer coach in CBFO if the coaches chose to also coach elsewhere (even when there was no overlap of practices or games).
2.   The League Commisioner has chosen to only follow the league bylaws when it suits him.
3.  The League Commisioner has suspended coaches without following the CBFO Bylaws.
4.  The League Commisioner has been so dishonest to one ex-coach that he stated in emails that this coach had been cussing at ball games and been verbally abusive to his players.  When this coach was able to bring 100% support that these things never occurred, the League Commssioner stated that he never made these statements or sent emails about this. 
5.   The League Commissioner and the President of the CBFO Softball Board got together with their Board and permanently suspended a coach who had never even had an umpire reprimand, simply for appealing a one game suspension.
6.  Despite numerous requests from parents, players, and the banned coach, the League Commissioner and the Board refused to provide any information as to why this coach was permanently banned.
 7.  After many emails from concerned parents, the League Commsioner sat down privately (he would not let anyone else join the meeting) and promised this "banned' coach that he would get to return next season and coach two teams, as he had done for the past two seasons.  He stated that "we all overreacted," but that the coach would still be back in spring 2010.
8.  A few days after the season ended, the League Commisioner sent this coach an email stating that this coach, along with his wife and daughters will never be allowed to participate in any CBFO SPORT EVER AGAIN!
9.  This coach obtained legal representation, to which the President of all of CBFO responded with . . . he would rather disband the entire program than let this coach and his family return to CBFO.  It must be noted that this man had neve met or spoken to the "ex-coach" or his family.
10.  The "ex-coach" received a phone call from a member of the CBFO Board stating that the Softball Commsioner had made several inaccurate statements, possibly as a way of damaging the ex-coach's character or gaining support for the permanent ban. 
11.  Upon this ex-coach's lawyer threatening a law suit, CBFO reluctantly gives in and agrees to let the coach's wife and children return to CBFO.  CBFO will not let the ex-coach return; other than as a quiet observing parent.

Bottom Line to those who are thinking about CBFO Girls Softball. . . My advice to you is to look elsewhere.  This ex-coach could have gone to court, paid thousands of dollars and likely been ruled in favor of having been mistreated by CBFO.  However, it took three beautiful and intelligent daughters to tell their dad
that even if we won in court; why in the world would we ever want to play in a league run by Don Hutcheson?  So, despite my daughters wishing they could play softball with their Farragut friends, they have chosen to play in other Knox County Leagues, such as KYSO or KBCS.  We hope to see you at one of these other leagues this spring.

You can go around and ask about CBFO. . . I suspect you'll hear some nice things.  However, ask the coaches who have left (and there are plenty), ask the girls who have played on the CBFO METS, ask the parents of those girls who have played on the CBFO METS, it won't take long for you to understand why my family is looking for a new softball home.  What you have read is just a very brief version of what CBFO has said, written, and done.

Regardless of what you do, I hope you and your family have a wonderful softball experience!